We love eating weekend brunch. Though we’ll never be sure why brunch is so much better than breakfast and lunch, we know when we have something special. This tasty treat is the Brunch Bruschetta from Citizen’s Band in San Francisco. The base is toasted levain brushed with pesto. They top it with oven-roasted tomatoes (so much better than sun-dried), arugula, two perfectly poached eggs and a light beurre blanc. And the potatoes rocked too!


This isn’t your typical brunch dish- it’s not a giant stack of pancakes or egg-and-cheese extravaganza. But it was still so good we couldn’t believe it. This beauty is Locavore’s version of Veggies Benedict (there’s Hollandaise on the side). Locavore focuses on fresh, local produce and this dish is no exception- loaded with tomatoes, squash and zucchini and topped with poached eggs. It rocked so hard we didn’t miss the meat!

Not that we’d ever cheat on Kenny Rogers Roasters, but pan-roasted chicken breasts are some genius-level sh-t! Sear off the breasts, then stick them in a 400 oven for 15 minutes and you come out with crisp skin, moist interior. The photo doesn’t even start to do it justice—we’re drooling and, hell, we just ate.

We’ll eat ice cream any day of the week and twice on Sunday. When visiting Seattle we consider it mandatory to track down the Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream Truck. The name’s a mouthful and so is the cone. This one’s attractive and delicious- check out those detailed designs. It’s topped with a large scoop of Mint Stracciatella with flaky TCHO chocolate chips and organic spearmint leaves (from a farm!).

San Franciscans love their sushi and can’t stop bragging about their burritos. The guys behind Sushirrito figured out how to combine the best of Mexican and Japanese lunching in an edible, portable device. (We rank their idea behind Twitter but ahead of Zynga.) This one’s El Tigre, a giant roll with Ahi Tuna, a kaleidoscope of Veggies and Crumbled Rice Chips with a Spicy Honey Mustard Sauce. Rock on!

We really liked this creamy spinach recipe that we found via Foodpair. As one of our dining companions pointed out, it’s hard to go wrong with a dish that features both butter and cream.  That’ll teach the kids to eat their green vegetables.

It’s 10 a.m.; you have 8 friends coming over for brunch in an hour; nothing is cooked; you’re out of ideas. What do you do? Take a deep breath and skillfully mix eggs with chopped veggies, put them in a skillet and toss it in the oven. There are a ton of frittata recipes out there, but we like this one from Williams-Sonoma we found using FoodPair, a new recipe search engine. Serve it with a light side salad and you’re good to go. Thanks, Deepa S.!

Many crave ice cream when the weather is hot, but once you’ve been to the always-crowded Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco’s Mission District, you’ll crave ice cream all year round. Their ice creams are hand-crafted, organic and seasonal, but that’s not the scoop. What keeps the crowds swarming is that every flavor freaking rocks. This cup features a great combo- Balsamic Strawberry and Crème Fraiche. When you hit Bi-Rite, submit your photos and tell us what you thought rocked. In the meantime, get all the free tastes you want!

When it comes to food that hails from countries south of the border, the taco steals all the limelight. But let us introduce you to the pupusa, a Salvoadorian treat in the same family where the filling comes fully enclosed. This one, from Balompie in San Francisco, came stuffed with cheese, but they offer any number of different styles so you can mix it up.

Whether you’re vegetarian or just want to eat like one, you must sink your teeth into the best veggie sub we’ve ever eaten. This green machine is from No. 7 Sub Shop in the boutique Ace Hotel in Manhattan. It’s an Asparagus Sub on a perfectly toasted roll with Granny Smith Apples, Cashews, Cilantro and a tangy Aioli. And that’s not even the wackiest sub on the menu, so we’re excited to get rocked again.

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